Become a SICA Member

Membership with the Southern Interior Construction Association is for one year. Each membership can be paid once (annually), or twice (semi-annually).

Membership is automatically renewed for additional one year periods unless notice in writing is received no less than 30 days prior to the end of the initial or of any subsequent term.


To view SICA's complete Membership Dues, please click here.

BidCentral Fee for General Contractors, Trade Contractors and Manufacturer & Suppliers:

  Annual    Semi-Annual 
BidCentral $500 $255
SICA Credit    ($300) ($153)
Total Charge   $200 $102


Fill out the online application form by selecting a category below. You will be prompted for your company and contact information, as well as payment.

Membership in the Society shall be open only to person, firms or corporations as follows:

  • General Contractor

    Is a person, firm, or corporation who enters into a contract with an Owner and who, in performance of his work, hires other contractors, i.e. Management Contractors

  • Trade Contractor

    Is a person, firm, or corporation having a direct contract with a contractor to perform a part or parts of the work, i.e. Sub-Contractors

  • Manufacturer and Supplier

    Is a person, firm, or corporation who supplies products to a construction project. This would mean that you supply product more then you install, i.e. Insurance Companies, Bonding Companies

  • Associate

    Without voting privileges is a person, firm, or corporation who acts in a supportive nature to businesses, i.e. Banks, Printing Companies, Cities, School Districts, Hotels, Training

  • Professional

    Without voting privileges is a person, firm, or corporation who is granted professional status through a specific professional organization, i.e. Architects, Engineers, Consultant, Lawyers, Accountants

Associate - Public Buyer

SICA is proud to offer an Industry Enhancement Credit for Public Buyers of Construction. Please contact our office for more information. (250) 491-7330.

Branch Membership 

Branch offices within the SICA region will pay 1/2 of the applicable rate according to their sales volume and 1/2 the Initiation Fee on an annual basis only. Introductory rate not available. No Duplicate Dues Credit will be issued.

Previous SICA Members

If you were previously a SICA member and rejoin after 2 years of your cancelation date the initiation fee of $150.00 is waived.

If you need assistance, please email or call (250) 491-7330.

We look forward to working with you!

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